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"I want to give voters an opportunity to vote for a candidate that will be responsible to the people. Not lobbyists or big money campaign contributors and who supports the intelligent fiscally responsible broad based platform of the Natural Law Party with common sense reforms in education, taxes, healthcare, food safety, etc.

The History of www.farghana.org


The region has an extensive and rather tumultuous history.  It is also seen as an extremely sensitive border area with a high level of militarization.  It does not have hydro or fossil-fuel reserves for new local generation and no additional power import is available from the Kyrgyz Republic.  Ferghana region contains 14 districts, every one of which is predicted to mobilize around 20,000 pickers.

My background as a factory worker and past experience in farming is very reflective of the people of the 5th district. This gives me an understanding from the ground level the problems we are facing. High taxes, high healthcare costs, lower real wages, and declining commodity prices for the farmer. By the way I wrote a lot of articles on these topics when I worked as an academic essay writer."

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